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Limited Edition Wrist Rest

Limited Edition Wrist Rest

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What happens when you design jewelry and keyboard accessories? You bring precious metals into your designs. 

The process to make this item is entirely handcrafted:

The wrist rest is cut from a single piece of solid wood and sanded to its ergonomic dimensions. The space for the inlay is carefully machined out, leaving room for an artisan to lay an 0.999 sterling silver wire in the PhaseByte motif. After painting, the inlay is placed and polished before resting in its limited edition box. 


  • Wood with Black Paint Finish
  • 0.999 Fine Silver Inlay 
  • Compact Size (12" by 4")
  • Rubber feet for slide-free usability

Limited to only 100 pieces. We will never make more. 

Pricing subject to change. 

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